- Accounts

▫️ Project404 Team is not responsible for you losing your ID | PW | SN. You can restore your password by using our website.
▫️ Our Team will never ask you about your ID | PW or any other account information.
▫️ Please don't use the same ID | PW you use on other servers.
▫️ Attempting to Sell | Buy accounts or items for real money is strictly forbidden and leads to HWID ban.

- Hacking | Botting | AFK Killing | Bug Abusing

▫️Any kind of hacking will result in HWID ban.
▫️ Packet botting is not allowed and will result in HWID ban.
▫️ Auto-Splashing while being on the computer is allowed. If your char dies and we catch you splashing in any town your character will be in jail starting from 6 hours up to few days.
▫️ Bug Abusing will result in a warning or ban. Our 404 Team will decide.

- Kill Stealing | Spot Stealing

▫️ KS'ing is a part of the game. If you will do it to the other people you have to expect it happening back to you. Our GM staff will normally not interfere in any part of this stuff.
▫️ Once you leave your spot or stop attacking for a second the spot can be used by other players. If you can prove you were there but someone tried to steal your spot our Team will take further actions.

- Scamming

▫️ Sharing Accounts | Items is at your own risk. We will not help in any kind of restoration of loses. ▫️ Keeping a party drop is not considered as scamming. Don't party with people you don't trust.

- Insults | Harassing

▫️ Insulting is not the way to play the game. Insulting will be tolerated until it goes over the top. Our GM staff will decide what actions will be done.

- Advertising

▫️ Advertising other servers is forbidden and will lead to HWID ban.

- Donation

▫️ Donation is a way to support the server and its team. You'll be refunded in the next versions of the server with a percentage of your donations.

- Assassin System | RB Killing

▫️ Assassin system is a part of the game but abusing Assassin System to close an area or causing other players to be unable to play is not allowed. Our GM staff will decide what actions will be done. ▫️ RB killing is not allowed. You have to wait at least 10 seconds after the player uses RB.


  • Use English language only.
  • Racism is not allowed. Don't harass other people and staff. Flaming | Cursing | insulting is not allowed and will lead in being muted.
  • Don't spam the chat so important information can reach everyone. You have trash-talk if you want to spam.
  • Advertising other servers is not allowed and will lead into getting banned.
  • Post content in the correct channels otherwise it will be deleted.
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